Announcement to our valued customers:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our company has experienced an unexpected and an unprecedented explosion in growth over all our sales platforms. Also because of the pandemic, we have been unable to hire on the extra staff we need to meet the increased workload that comes along with this. At this point we have had to make some hard decisions and one of these is to temporarily suspend sales on our website. We are so far behind on our order processing, we feel its unfair to customers to ask them to wait the timeframes needed to process their orders. Once we are caught up, hopefully around the same time we receive our covid vaccines and are able to hire on all the extra staff we need (or sooner), we will resume business as usual.

We are still accepting orders on limited items through our Etsy store

We apologize for having to take this unusual step and thank you all for your understanding. We will be back asap! Stay safe, everyone.